Our Mission

To contribute to Algeria’s efforts in tackling the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, we, a group of Algerian academics from varying health and environmental sectors, including doctors, medical scientists, engineers, technologists, management and strategists etc, have collaborated to launch this website on the coronavirus. In light of the overwhelming sources available across the web, social media and other platforms, many of which are susceptible to ‘unfruitful-news’; we shouldered the responsibility of responding to the need for a trusted source to provide relevant up-to-date information concerning the Coronavirus pandemic that matters to the Algerian people.

The website aims to:

  • Provide the population with factual educational information on Coronavirus (Covid-19)
  • Expert guides and advice on how to deal with the pandemic: avoid infection, limit its spread and overcome this stressful time
  • Be the reference source for up-to-date information on and about the Coronavirus for the Algerian citizens
  • Have up-to-date governmental measures and guidelines on the
  • evolving situation in Algeria and the main contact details for support

COVID-19: Algerian Science, Services and Solidarity in Combating the Pandemic



To be held Virtually on 16 May 2021

It will start @ 16h00 DZ Time


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In this video: we review the origins or the Virus, ways of spreading, its symptoms, and how to protect yourself, your family, and your community.
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What is the virus? How is it different from bacteria and influenza? Why don’t we have or benefit from current treatments to fight it? How are scientists striving to develop treatment and vaccination, and how can our immune system resist and overcome this virus except for specific groups of Humans?

Learn about Coronavirus. Ahmed Shanna COVID-19
An exclusive meeting with a biotechnology expert Dr. Ahmad Shenna, on the topic of the hour, got to know the Coronavirus and what is its reaction to the available drugs.

Important Articles

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Call from Algerians Scientists Abroad

Coronavirus is a worldwide pandemic that can spread very quickly and can cause a serious lung disease. Currently there is no known effective cure. One of the best measures to deal with covid-19 is to slow down its spread among people.


We, the undersigned, the Algerian Scientists living abroad, call upon all to take all necessary precautions and measures recommended by The Algerian Government and WHO to avoid the spread of COVID-19 also loosely referred to as coronavirus.

To protect yourself and others, find the pdf posted here in three languages.

Coronavirus is a worldwide pandemic that can spread very quickly and can cause a serious lung disease. Currently there is no known effective cure. One of the best measures to deal with covid-19 is to slow down its spread among people.

Plan de préparation et de riposte á la menace de l’ infection
Coronavirus COVID-19

Le 31 décembre 2019, le bureau de l’OMS en Chine a été informé de cas de pneumonies d’origine inconnu, détectés dans la ville de Wuhan, province du Hubei. Un nouveau coronavirus, responsable de cette maladie respiratoire, a été identifié le 7 janvier 2020 et a été dénommé « SARS-CoV-2 ».

Download the Document by clicking on the image

Coronavirus News Around the World

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